There is a a growing body of evidence that the outdated idea that soy inhibits fertility needs to be abandoned. There are too many studies now that have found the exact opposite. Here is one just published regarding women with PCOS:

This news will come as no suprise to our patients as we have been demonstrating this for years. It is good to have yet another study that further supports this recommendation. The cautionary note here for patients is to check with their center on the method of freezing used in their lab–if it not the modern rapid-freeze technique called vitrification  then you might be better served by a fresh transfer.

Great article that helps explain why we see so many of our patients. I encourage those that don’t understand these decisions to read this and open up their hearts and minds to the decisions of others. Enjoy and thank you.

For women, menopause is a natural part of getting older, but it may also speed up the aging process, a new study finds.

Source: Menopause May Speed Up Aging


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